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Chuck's kind of a dick. :U

Woulda been better if Slendy had been able to sing, IMO. Decent animation, though.

Wow. Just, wow. There's a difference between trying making a parody of a group based on stereotypes, and then there's just trying to be as disgusting and offensive as possible.

This falls into the latter category. It's like South Park, but without any actual humor to keep the gross-out factor in check.

I give it a half a star for having passable animation quality. :|

Speedo responds:

Surprisingly, the group based on stereotypes HAPPEN to be disgusting and offensive. WUT R DE ODDS?
They fap to pictures of cartoon ponies which is DISGUSTING, and they give an OFFENSIVELY bad name to other bronies who have a little more self-respect. ta-daa

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Been playing this quite a bit the last couple days. Highly enjoyable, if an infuriating experience at times.

Only real complaint is when the mushrooms spawn right underneath your character so there's no way to avoid them. That, and the final boss is just a pain in the ass. But I suppose that's to be expected. :P

I'll probably continue playing until I either unlock all the characters or rage-quit trying.

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Okay, this just cracked me up.

Waffles make everything better!

tngjames responds:

glad you enjoyed :D

Dude, this was just hilarious. Deliciously silly.

The dialogue had a very natural flow to it, and the premise is just... so off-the-wall (or... IN-the-wall; nya HA. Nya HAHAHA.) that I can't help but love it. I also really liked how you managed to pull off distinct voices for each of the characters without resorting to silly voices or overly cliched foreign accents. Not many people can do that; so kudos to you, good sir!

And best of the luck in the competition!

Ragemar responds:

Thanks very much! Good luck to you as well. Though I doubt you'll need luck... since your stalwartly sublime submission speaks for itself!

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